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S&K // Can Gall wedding - Ibiza

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Already googled to death Ibiza wedding venues?

Not getting much further than the same 5 venues with second to none marketing, not allowing you to even scratch the surface of the hidden gems Ibiza has to offer?

When what you are really searching for are usually the ones that rely solely on word of mouth. But where to search?

Look no further.

Today were touching on yet another venue review,

With so many options out there and not being able to physically visit all of the locations, how do you choose?

No-one said that booking a destination wedding would be easy... But done well, knowing a few tricks of the trade and doing your research in the right places will enable you to plan a wedding that will knock the socks off everyone of your guests.

But I'll leave this for another blog. For now, you can start here....

As a wedding photographer based in Ibiza, you can pretty much expect an unbiased p.o.v on the pro's and con's of the majority of the wedding venue's here on the island.

And this week we head over to Can Gall.....

Sarah & Kenny were a blast to shoot. One of the most, laid back and untraditional weddings I've had the luxury to shoot.

Bride and groom got ready together, walked down the aisle together then laughed, ate and danced together.

And did they bloody know how to party!!

Santi, the owner of Can Gall was exceptional in making sure that things ran smoothly and great fun to be around (to the point that I asked for a step ladder for the group shot and approximately 3 seconds later I turned around to a 20ft fireman ladder waiting for me to hang off!)


1. You lose zero time & money travelling from hotel to ceremony location.

2. You are obliged to occupy the gorgeous little rustic villas for a minimum of day, (You can't just stay here for the duration of the wedding day).

This could be classed also as a negative but I find that thanks to this rule, it becomes a home away from home where you can simply pop back to your room if you need anything.

3. As a mother, Can Gall for me, has a huge pro, which is that there is no escape for the little ones. No road near by and pretty much enclosed from all sides.

4. This place is huge. You have plenty of room to set up a decent sized kids area separated enough from the adults to feel relaxed and near enough to quickly check on them if needed. Each of the areas, ceremony, aperitif & reception, are perfectly juxtaposed for you to flaunter from one to the other with ease,

5. Another upside you just can't overlook...Santi.... Owner, manager and by the end of your stay, friend. A real plus added to your special day.

6. The place is stunning! Surrounded by lush countryside, immaculate greenery as far as the eye can see & beautiful light.

7. The Party! After shooting years of wedding receptions, I have come to see a pattern. First dance. Guests go mad for approximately 20 mins then off they scatter to the bar, the toilet, to smoke yada yada. Not at this venue they don't! I'm not sure if it's the low wooden roof that allows you to feel enclosed and at home or that the bar is practically in the middle of the dance floor, I haven't figured it out yet, but when I do I'm planning on bottling it and selling it ; )


I can't think of many.... hmmmm.

1. It is not on a beach?



Yep...That's all I got. It's not on a beach.

Now that's enough of that.... let the photos do the rest of the talking for me.

Starting off with Sarah's gorgeously rustic hotel room.

As they had booked numerous rooms shared out between close family and friends, Kenny had the option to get ready next door to his bride and as they believed little in anything close to tradition, they popped back and forth visiting each other for a quick giggle with Sarah even staying for a laugh while the best man did his best job at fastening a boutonnière.

After a beautiful ceremony came the hugs, the kisses, the tears, the congratulations and a good stiff drink.

Up come the group shots. Not wanting to waste a single second on obligatory photos that take them away from their soirée, this smart couple requested only one photo of the whole wedding party.

Great choice in my opinion as these always seem to be the images that least evoke emotion when you look back through the wedding album but take the most chunk of time away from your guests.

Obviously I didn't quite live up to this promise, grabbing a couple more candid and not so candid shots along the way.

While all of their guests were occupied, we took our escape from the crowd for the portrait shots, laughing and joking all the way to the olive groves behind the venue, me shooting from A to B, we quickly realised that this wasn't going to be a normal couple shoot, oh no, this was going to be more like a sneak peek into Sarah & Kenny's relationship.

30 seconds didn't pass without one of us cracking a joke, bending over in a fit of giggles or a simple, childish, never goes out of fashion, can't help but laugh..... fart. lol.

I hope that when they look back through these photos they will remember the fabulously hilarious, perfect wedding they had.

As we finish up the bridal shots & cocktail hour, the weather man finally proved the inevitable as we all gratefully watched the skies open at the exact scheduled moment we were to begin the speeches in the undercover dinner area and not at midday as previously threatened!

So, all in high spirits we began to really let loose. ....

Well and truly warmed up now, there wasn't a more perfect time for their chosen d.j, flown specially from Sweden, to rock up and get the party started with a bang.

I don't think I've shot a wedding and enjoyed the music and atmosphere as much as I did this one.

Who dares not get down to P.I.M.P?

Well ,I'll tell you who doesn't... and that's the grandparents from both sides. If you think you should stop twerking at 90 years old... Please think again!

So there you have it. My personal view on one of the most well known and loved wedding venues by vendor's and islanders alike. Now do with this as you will but whichever venue you decide on for your big day...I wish you an incredible one and cheesily but heartily a lifetime of felicidad. Olé!

See you next week for my take on.... probably Ses Savines - Santa Eularia.

(edit* Ses Savines Blog HERE.)

Photographer; @stephanieshenton for @ibizaweddingphotography

Hair & Make up; @Nicoleshenton @Thehouseofbellissima

Happy Couple; @kennystrobbe @sarahcomhaire

Venue; CanGall

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