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Riding shotgun with Ibiza wedding planner.

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

You're seeing your big day slipping slowly through your fingers with nothing to do but panic buy popcorn.

Between the chinese whispers, fear mongering and confusing daily updates... You need answers and you'd really like them now! But who ya gonna call?

Well, I know who my first port of call would be.... and has been.

This week, I go running to Hidden Treasures very own award winning wedding planner extraordinaire, Lauren Kaycee, to get a few lines through the t´s and a few i´s dotted.

With this years topsy-turvy wedding season, it´s giving your planner a real run for her money, So I wondered, if she would so kindly give us her take on a few of this months collective common concerns.

To my delight, she happily obliged. So, without further ado, I'll dive right in.

My wedding is booked for 2020 but I'm worried about it being cancelled, what should I do?

First of all, check all of your contracts, terms & conditions with your flight company and/or tour operator.

If they cancel, you will be offered a refund, credit or postponement. Keep this in mind and try to tie it in with another flight that coincides with your venue.

Next, contact your planner. They are there for you, they will help you, advise you and if needed, reschedule everything for you. This is the year that you will definitely be getting your moneys worth, so milk it!

If you don't have a planner.... Get one!

There may be many reasons, at this globally uncertain time, to keep you up at night, aside from the direct planning & rescheduling, such as, guests being left out of pocket due to the pandemic, flight companies not paying out, vendors not transferring your prepaid deposit....etc etc.

Although nobody would blame you for being preoccupied over these inevitable side effects, feel assured that your deposits and your booking should all be safe as the entire wedding industry is in full support of all Ibiza couples and for the first time coming together to work out a solution that works well for all parties.

Other stresses, from what I am hearing from each of my couples, have been, shall I postpone or hang in there for a miracle?

If you are feeling this way, my advice to you, is to make a decision and just go for it.

You will feel instant relief and probably have the first good nights sleep in a while, once you have settled on postponing and have decided on a new date, give this to your planner, plus an extra back up date to cover plan B & C. (This will allow her a little flexibility to get all of your ducks back in a row).

Then sit back and allow your planner to do all the leg work.

Passing the buck to the only person in the business that has been primed to do exactly this, taking on your stresses, doubts and pressure, dissolving it magically into your dream wedding..... part ii.

The bigger and better version of course, as you have now just bought some more time on your wedding countdown clock!

How should I choose my wedding planner?

You can request a consultation with the company you most like the look of.

Check out their website and socials for inspiration. (Always making sure that their social media images are real and their own).

Jumping on a video chat can give you a feel of their style of planning whilst seeing how you bond with chosen planner, as this is an important factor in how the relationship will unfold throughout the many planning months, proving fundamental in the final result.

Knowing that you will both be on the same page through similar modus operandi and good communication is key.

Don't be forced into a package deal that you do not want. You must feel confident and happy with your chosen company.

Money is tight right now with the Covid-19 pandemic, can I pay suppliers and venues in instalments?

Yes, absolutely!

Venues and suppliers will help you out by talking instalments. your planner should negotiate with them and get you the best deals possible, whilst making sure you get exactly what you want without compromising anything.

Is it too early to start planning my 2021/2022 wedding?

It is never too early to book your planner or venue!

Right now we have most of 2020 weddings moving to 2021, This means that we are starting next wedding season with half the amount of availability due to all of this years shuffling around. A supplier who may usually have 3 weddings a week, may now have 5 or 6!

What's more, a professional photographer won't accept too many weddings on the bounce, so even if they have your specific date free, this doesn't mean they are taking bookings.

We're talking of a good old fashioned first come first serve situation.

Therefore, don't sit on your laurels if a 2021 wedding is what you´r after if you don't want to be disappointed.

And If you are thinking about a 2022 wedding...Go for it now!

For any further Ibiza updates or info, feel free to contact on email below.

or Lauren Kaycee at

Get in touch with Lauren to find out about Hidden Treasures wedding exhibition in Ibiza!

Planner Lauren Kaycee for Hidden Treasures

Hair by Anna Wilde styles

Make by Jo Mackay

Photography by Stephanie Shenton Photography

Venue Sa Flama

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