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To postpone or not to postpone?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Not the post I ever thought I would need to write but with so many of my 2020 couples stuck in limbo with the second biggest question on their hands, the first being way more fun and easily answered with a simple... 'SHE SAID YES'! seems like a lifetime ago right?

Pandemic threatens to cancel your wedding?

Absolutely heartbroken? Yes! And you have a right to be....Don't let anybody make you feel that your wedding day is a non importance or shallow next to the fast spread virus that is wreaking havoc world wide. Many of you have spent years planning, organising and dreaming about this day to have it swept from under your feet so drastically and suddenly. So, Yes, It is absolutely and unequivocally ok to feel disappointed and down right angry right now.

Taking the leap.

Many who have already decided to change their date are now feeling relief instead of anxiety at not having to hope & pray for a miracle anymore. Will it go ahead or won't it?

The decision has been made.The show will go on.

My advice as a destination wedding photographer who is already in the midst of changing dates for all of my Bride & Grooms who are being affected by this global set back, is to get in touch with your planner to put out the feelers to all of your chosen vendors and come up with a possible plan B. It is always better to be prepared so if your day gets cancelled last minute you are all set to go at a later date.

'This party doesn't mark the beginning of your commitment to each other, It celebrates the commitment that you have already made'.

For any info & updates on Ibiza's situation please email us at

Where we will be more happy to lend a hand.

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