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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

With a pandemic that has crept upon us then unleashed itself to the world we were not expecting to wave goodbye to so many plans. We just weren't ready for so many changes all at once.

I don't know about you, but this feels quite over-whelming at times then at the drop of a hat, refreshing and then straight back to over-whelming....

As a wedding photographer, my 2020 wedding season has been turned on its head with no promises of if or when it will start to resemble something somewhat recognisable to me anytime soon.

I have Brides & Grooms who had planned to wed this summer in Ibiza, crossing their fingers with all their might for a miracle and others who jumped at the chance to postpone as soon as the proverbial hit the fan (my lil sister's wedding day included!)

Why am I here again?

So, a few pandemic posts later, I'm now here showing a little love for the lovers who have now selected a new date and restarted their countdown.

Let's get excited all over again...

Let there be love!

I adore my job I must admit but this wasn't part of the program. Frantic emails back and forth. Dishing out my humble opinion like theres no tomorrow .... I mean its like the blind leading the blind over here. Things are changing fast and none of us can even take a wild guess at what will become of the so many reserved dates in many of the stunning wedding venues here in sunny Spain.

#moveyourspring :

What is everybody else up to?

Well, apart from a few who have opted for a retake in 2021 most of my enamoured have taken a chance on October & November so it seems.

Excellent choice I might add, as the weather over here is just lush at that time of year and makes me wonder why we don't have more 'soon to weds' getting sun kissed as opposed to sun-stroked after the ''high season'' leaves us taking with it the sweltering heat and back to back sunset seekers.

Love conquers all:

Whatever you decide folks, We're here at

Ibiza Wedding Photography waiting for you.

Ibiza is waiting for you.

After the dust settles, love will prevail.

The sweet is going to taste even sweeter.

The celebrations are gonna be epic!

#ibizawedding #howtopostpone #moveyourspring #postdontcancel



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