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Let's not dwell!

You've already made the difficult decision of changing the date for your big day. What now?

I'll tell you what now...Let's start getting excited (again)!

Assuming you have already contacted your wedding coordinator/venue/vendors to fill them in on your decision...

Get back onto that Pinterest board, Create a cool new date invitation for all of your guests, (The comeback is always better than the setback styley),

Work as a team with your fiancé through this difficult time and allow it to actually grow you closer, remember that despite everything, you are getting married, you love each other and your in this together,

Get excited about having a little more time as 'a soon to be married couple' and lap up the butterflies of anticipation as you restart your wedding day countdown.

Moving forward

Vendors are normally the biggest supporters of their couples postponing and helping them to secure new dates that they're excited about, and they want to make it as seamless and as easy for their couples as possible. You will have probably already built a relationship with many of them through the original planning process so there will be a definite 'I've got your back' sentiment. Additionally, this is an unprecedented time, everybody is generally being really flexible and understanding. So you can feel safe to take the bull by the horns and get moving all the necessary pieces around to best fit your new plans and stay positive that the outcome certainly won't be the disaster that you imagined when reality first hit.

Every cloud....

You are the story, and the wedding tells the story and celebrates it; Not the other way around.

The date, the time, the venue and the guest count can all change, but the heart of the wedding and your story will remain untouched.

No matter what happens, your original smashing wedding will morph into another smashing wedding. It will be exceptional no matter what happens. And when it does, the celebration will taste that much sweeter.

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